Tapezilla Visits… PAX East (Part 1)

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Another PAX East is in the books, and take it from us — if you weren’t able to make it, you missed a good one. Sure there aren’t any big announcements and most new games are held out for E3 and any dope with $50 can pay to get in and some major publishers skip it because it’s on the east coast and everyone in front of you in line works at the mall and it’s usually pretty cold and windy and the Red Sox weren’t in town yet and it’s on Easter and you’re surrounded by people you would’ve paid to not sit near in high school… but all of that obviously PALES in comparison to the good things at the show. So, in lieu of giving you the latest gaming news, we figured we’d take you through our Saturday at the Internet’s favorite gaming show… PAX East.


8:47am - RJ picks up Drac from the bus station


9:24am – Drac surprises Mrs. Takeda, the woman making his “Super Breakfast 2 Go”


9:34am - On our way to the convention center


9:37am - Drac's navigating gets us completely lost.


A shot of the parking lot. Busy busy.


9:55am - We've arrived! Time to check in.


10:14am - Getting our badges checked at the door.


10:15am - The EA Booth. We immediately noticed the difference between PAX and E3.


11:24 am - Ah, the Sony booth. Now this is more like it. Though it's easy to see that they cut some corners with their booth models.




Nathan Drake


MLB 12 The Show


Stay tuned for Part 2 in the coming days!

-TZ Staff