Angry Birds Space: an honest-to-god Angry Birds sequel

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Rovio’s been teasing it for a while, but is now showing footage of the new Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds gets a lot of shit for rehashing the same game (3 times now – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio), but Angry Birds Space appears to be a legitimate sequel. While it does feature new birds with different powers, it also features a significant gameplay mechanic in the form of an homage to Super Mario Galaxy’s gravity system.

The teamed up with NASA to release the first trailer (skip to the gameplay) from the fucking International Space Station:

More about the gameplay from Engadget:


My guess would be this will be a little more expensive than the previous Angry Birds games’ $0.99 price point, but even at $4.99, I have to admit I’d gladly pay that. They previous games have been more than worth the cost of entry, and its great to see Rovio upping the production value and thinking about advancing the gameplay.