Season 2, Episode #10: The Tease

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It’s a 3-man crew this week as the guys discuss Heavy Rain (with very minor early-game spoilers), BioShock 2, Assassin’s Creed 2 DLC, Bad Company 2 and even Olympic Curling.

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Show Notes added Thursday, March 4 at 6:30 PM EST

  • MLB 10 The Show video
  • Ridiculous NES auctions
  • Wargen: “Infantry Code”
  • “A classssssic, ffff… nawmsayin? Better’n the WII… Talkin’ bout the muhfuckin’… ehh… classic, fuckin’ original, VERY ORIGINAL, heh MOTHERFUCKIN’ Punch Out OH MY GOODNESS”
  • iPhone Sausage Styli
  • Hatris
  • RJ’s AC2 DLC picture ac2bodies
  • My Buddy/Kid Sister
  • Germany & Japanese curling chicks that Peter likes [COMING SOON!]