Unboxing: Random Discount Shit from RJ

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rj_unboxing_1One of the greatest trends in blogging is the venerable “unboxing”. It’s hard for me to put into words how much value seeing someone else open a package adds to a site. I mean, it’s like I’m there, like its me opening that PS3 Slim, that fancy new video card, that “collectors edition” of a game that you KNOW will be game of the year because the reviews are just so good.

In our ongoing quest to be like “real” gaming journalists, I share with our 3 dear readers Tapezilla’s premiere unboxing. Today, Tapezilla gives back.

You might not know this, but RJ’s a generous guy. Every once in a while, he’ll text or email me on one of his many deal-scouring trips “hey, Beaver, (insert mediocre game here) is $5 at (some store). Want one?” “Sure”, I tell him more often than not, “add it to my tab”.

I come home from work today, and what’s waiting in my apartment building’s mail vestibule? A repurposed Amazon.com box from my pal Bobby. To be perfectly honest, I’ve completely forgotten what he was sending, so we’re going to experience this together. I just hope it imparts the same thrill I’ve enjoyed vicariously so many times.


The OUTSIDE of the box.
Please note the pile of lowfat shredded cheddar. We keeps it REAL.


The view upon actually OPENING the box. Ooh! Virtua Fighter 5 and Sacred 2!


Obligatory staged set-up shot. Everything looks better thoughtfully arranged at jaunty angles.