Tapezilla Explores: Pinterest

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Exploring a replacement for our constantly-broken “Links the Boys Think You Should See” section, web phenom Pinterest came to mind. Not only because it is basically what delicious.com (which previously powered LtBTYSS) always wanted to be when it grew up, but because the demographic and branding couldn’t be further from Tapezilla’s, which amused me.

Upon visiting it for the first time, I was immediately annoyed. I just wanted to make a fucking account; instead I had to “request an invitation” (needy much?). While waiting for my invitation (which I still have not received, BTF), I was, admittedly, sucked into it a bit. There were enough funny animal pictures sprinkled throughout that I didn’t have to wade through too many beefcake pinups, shoe porn (and not the good kind, the lady kind), and “53 Uses for Nail Files!”-type posts to see another.

As I was shamefully scrolling through page after page of stuff for ladies and complaining about it, my wife added some perspective: “Pinterest is like 4chan for women,” an apt comparison.

The homepage, at least, is totally like that of any 4chan board, especially /b/. Not because of the content, but it’s just pages and pages of STUFF. By the time you scroll through the homepage and click refresh, you get a whole new array of random shit.


After this epiphany, I looked at it differently. Some people (ladies) will use Pinterest for ideas to throw a Pug Party. I will use it for material.

I came across one particular image that drove this concept home. Rather than actually fix the LtBTYSS, I made this:

Pinterest Version, /b/ Version

You’re welcome.


Anyone else venture into Pinterest, or actually have any “boards” they are willing to share? Leave a comment: