Tape of the Last Two Years, Bracket-style

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[UPDATE: To be fair to those folks that subscribe to the show through iTunes, but don’t frequent the site, we’ve extended the bracket submission deadline by ONE week! You may now submit your bracket before 5pm eastern time, Tuesday, April 10th, 2012.]

It’s a very special Tape of the Year this year, as Tapezilla one-ups the competition by doing the first-ever Tape of the Last Two Years. To celebrate this landmark achievement, we’re doing a bracket system to determine the winner, and by filling it out correctly you can win BIG.

Before you jump to any conclusions, you’re correct, we consciously did NOT do a Tape of the Year for 2010 specifically because we wanted to do this, and plan that far ahead. “Game of the Year” is for the uninspired; at Tapezilla, we aim higher.

As you are well aware, we refer to our big “Tape of the Year” show as “March Madness”. It turns out that there’s another “March Madness”, the decidedly-less-popular-than-Tapezilla-should-be NCAA baskeball tournament. A side effect of this is that people pretend to know something about college basketball once a year by filling out the tournament bracket based on who they blindly believe/randomly fabricate will win each matchup.

We thought this looked like chaos that would dovetail nicely with our Tape of the Year. As such, we have adopted this format to celebrate the real “March Madness” by applying the bracket chicanery associated with that other “March Madness”. Et voila, the Tape of the Last Two Years bracket:


Tape of the Last Two Years 2010 and 2011 bracket
(click to see high resolution version)


“But, Beaver, how is this going to work?”

Easy, dummy. Rather than our normally contrived method (each host picking his five top games of the year, assigning points to each game based on which place(s) they end up, totalling the score, and ordering the games by highest total score) we’re going to go through each match-up and argue about vote on which game advances over the course of two special episodes, eventually crowning the inaugural and world-exclusive Tape of the Last Two Years.


“I’m not sure there’s a way to make this any better than you already described it.”

You are wrong. Since we’re certain our secret admirers will undoubtedly steal this format for their own benefit next year, we thought we’d have some some extra fun this year. There are two ways you can participate:


The first way:

Print out the bracket (PDF version here) and fill it out ahead of the show, then follow along as we absolutely destroy your delusions of grandeur with nonsensical upsets, spiteful advances, and other trademark Tapezilla hijinx.


The second way (a.k.a. “the cool way”): 

Fill out the bracket by any means necessary and submit it via email (tapezilla@, include “bracket” in the subject). The person that submits the bracket that is the CLOSEST to the final, Official Tapezilla Tape of the Last Two Years 2010 and 2011 bracket (as determined by our 2-part special) will win…. SOMETHING.

  • Print it out, fill it in with whatever writing implement you have (probably crayons, knowing our demographic), scan it, send it
  • Save the PDF or high-resolution PNG version of the bracket and fill it out in Photoshop, Acrobat, MS Paint, or whatever else will work (we really don’t give a shit), send it
  • Mail it to yo momma’s house (Drac will pick it up the next time he’s there)*


Some parting wisdom: remember who you’re dealing with. Just because a game was reviewed better than another game, got a higher Metacritic score, etc. has absolutely no bearing on who will survive any matchups.


Questions? Concerns?

Leave a comment or email us at tapezilla@



  • We seriously have no idea what the prize will be, but it’s *definitely* going to have an approximate retail value of less than $75 (US).
  • All submissions must be received BEFORE 5pm eastern time, Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 (EXTENDED!).
  • We’re not responsible for you being too stupid to attach the file, use a scanner, or otherwise fail to submit your entry correctly, legibly, and on time.
  • We’re also not responsible for shit like your Internet going down because you were downloading that nasty porn you like, or any other reason like weather or monsters.
  • Each individual may only submit ONE bracket.
  • In the event that two or more people submit a bracket that is equally close to the final, Official Tapezilla Tape of the Last Two Years 2010 and 2011 bracket (as determined by our 2-part special), we will randomly select the winner from those brackets.
  • All submissions become the property of Tapezilla, and may be reproduced, sold, made fun of publically, etc.
  • Include your first name or handle that we can use while discussing user-submitted brackets on the show, site, or anywhere else. Failure to do so will lead us to use some portion of the username part of your email address, and I fucking hate doing that.
  • We will use the email address you use to submit your bracket to contact you if you somehow manage to win. Make sure it works. If it doesn’t, you forfeit the prize.
  • No Tapezilla members or family can enter. Looking at you, Drac.
  • * The third option of submitting your bracket is a joke. We will not accept submissions sent to anyone’s mother’s house, especially yours.